Milk Refillery Stations

Happy Cow Milk Refillery in Supermarket

Have you ever thought about how many plastic milk containers get thrown away each day? We do, and it keeps us up at night!

Our solution? Happy Cow Milk Refillery Stations. Fresh, local milk in glass bottles, washed and refilled by you. Fill, drink, wash, repeat.

The tanks that supply our milk dispensers are cleaned daily, refilled and maintained by your local farmer. You purchase your milk at the counter with your other groceries. The result – 100% reusable packaging with zero plastic, supporting local producers and the feeling that you’re doing something good for the planet!

Using the Milk Refillery is Easy!

Milk Bottle icon
Buy or bring an empty bottle and fill it up with fresh milk from our dispenser tap.
Drink Bottle Icon
Enjoy the incredible taste!
Bottle Wash
Give your bottle a good, soapy wash at home.
Refill your Milk Bottle

Bring your bottle into the store for refilling…repeat again and again.

Find a Milk Refillery

Woodlands Park Superette

295 Huia Road
Ph: 027 306 0653

Simply Fresh

23 Ocean View Road
Ph: 09 419 2657

Call us today on 0800 705 705

Become part of our mission to create kinder, fairer, greener dairy.

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