Happy Cow Milk – selling milk again!

Last Tuesday morning, Chris Falconer from Pukerua Farm quietly delivered the first batch of Happy Cow Milk since February 2018. Chris is supplying the boarders at St Paul’s Collegiate with milk and they use a lot of milk every morning!

We are going to spend the next few weeks just supplying this one customer to make sure we have all the equipment working reliably and to finish off some of our regulatory requirements.

The next step will see Chris starting to supply a few cafes in the Waikato/Auckland regions. This leads me to ask…….

Who Wants Happy Cow Milk In Their Cafe?

We only have the capacity to supply three cafes in the Auckland and Hamilton regions at the moment.

I would be grateful if you could put us in touch with the cafes you know and love. Or cafe’s that you think would appreciate Happy Cow Milk. And if you run a cafe and have been following my journey. I’d love to talk to you too.

How Does It Work?

We will install a Happy Cow Milk dispenser in the cafe at no cost to the cafe owner. 

The dispenser has configurable buttons for a small jug, a big jug and a top-up button.

Chris will supply the cafe using bulk milk tanks. This means no more plastic bottles.

And of course, we supply real full cream milk that froths in a wonderful way and makes amazing coffee! 

We all know, that our milk comes with the knowledge that it’s made from the happy cows and calves at Pukerua Farm.

Please reply to this email or forward it to anyone you think may like to use Happy Cow MIlk. Chris is ready to drop around a few bottles of milk for cafes to try.

In other news…..

Have a quick read of the email I received below from an overseas farmer. I’ve highlighted the parts that resonated with me.

Morning Glen,

I’m not a dairy farmer, but my good friends who live next door are. They are in the thick of calving and like you’d expect are under a lot of pressure. 

We have been cooking up an idea to make some dairy products this year together to try and find some way out of being paid so poorly for their milk. 

We’ve already set up the processing area and have a few loose things in place but it’s hard for us/them to make traction on this when the farm requires so much work. 

So they are kinda stuck, they can’t keep going how they are, for how much they are paid, but how do they have the energy to birth another way of doing things.

They are farming in a way like you’ve spoken about on your website, calf on cow, chemical-free, rotating pastures, etc. 

But when you sell your milk to the big guy’s nobody cares about this, so they are at max effort with little return.

We’re so keen to talk to someone about another way of doing things.

Normal farmers keep telling them they are crazy and I want them to know they aren’t and to keep the faith.And finally, I can’t tell you how bloody excited I am about the concept you’ve created!!

This farmer who wrote that letter is exactly who the Happy Cow Milk system is built for.

This farmer is already a good ethical farmer. They are already farming “The Happy Cow Way”. 

Yet their milk is mixed with all the ordinary farmers and they are not paid nearly enough for their milk.

What’s worse is they are working so hard, that they don’t have the time or the energy to work through everything that is required to start selling their milk locally.

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