Milk for Cafes

Great tasting, great frothing milk for your cafe with zero plastic.

Make better coffees with our full, unblended milk that tastes better, froths better and is better. Milk as it should be.

Become a plastic-free cafe

Happy Cow Milk is for cafes that want the best milk for their coffee, produced in ways that are more sustainable, ethical and plastic-free.

Option 1: Reusable Bottles

Get your milk delivered in reusable glass bottles. We collect the empty bottles, wash and refill them again.

Option 2. Benchtop Dispenser

Our bench-top dispenser, connects from either a 10 litre, 30 litre or 50 litre reusable tank. The dispenser can be programmed to fill a small or large jug at the push of a button.

What our customers are saying

“The flavour of the Happy Cow Milk has added that something awesome to our coffees. Smooth, flavoursome and delicious. Very glad we found your company.”
Inger from Kiwi Coffee Karts Ltd

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Become part of our mission to create kinder, fairer, greener dairy.

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