Finally! Milk everyone can love.

Happy Cow Milk

You can love the taste of Happy Cow Milk, and you can also love how it was made.

Our mission is to create a kinder, fairer and greener dairy industry.

That means kinder and fairer for the cows, the calves and the people involved. 

Greener means low intensity, pasture-based farming and reusable packaging.

That’s why we say it’s “milk everyone can love”!

Plastic is out, re-usable is in!

We’re bringing you fresh, local milk with reusable packaging.


You‘re one step closer to removing single-use plastic from your household, school, cafe or workplace.

Our range of 100% reusable packaging and dispensing options can be adapted to suit almost any application.

Where to buy Happy Cow Milk

Happy Cow Milk Home Delivery
Home Delivery
Happy Cow Milk Refillery in Supermarket
Milk Refillery
Happy Cow Milk Dispenser

Interested in becoming a retailer? Find out more here.

Happy Cow Farmer Chris Falconer

Sustainable milk is local milk.

Local farmers supplying their community is the only way reusable packaging can work.

Local supply also means less travel and fewer emissions.

Our innovative “milk factory in a box” allows ethical farmers to sell safe, pasteurised milk directly to their community.

Cow and calf

Our calves stay with their mothers. 

Calves drink when they want to. We take whatever milk is left. When the calves are old enough, mother and calf go their separate ways – just like they would in nature.

No heartbreak, no mourning- just happy cows and calves living as they naturally would. 

Sustainable agriculture

You want to know that your milk was produced in a way that doesn’t damage the environment.

Sustainable farming is about balance – animals, plants and crops working together in a mutually beneficial way.

You can use the Happy Cow Milk app to find out exactly what your local farmer is doing to maintain this balance.

Ethical local farmers

Happy Cow Milk allows the best local farmers to supply milk directly to their community. Our cows eat only the grass that grows on the farm – there’s no imported palm kernel, sprays or synthetic nitrogen fertiliser.

We help farmers farm in ways they feel proud of and that connects them to their community.

We’re democratising dairy

With the Happy Cow system, anyone can become a local milk retailer – cafes, workplaces and individuals.

Our system allows for home delivery, farmers’ markets and more traditional retail.

Happy Cow Cargo Bike

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